O' Be Joyful

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O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful
Let’s get a Titans win today TN 🏈

Come get in the spirit(s) with Red Sky, a perfect day drinkin’ cocktail with amaro & port.
O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful
It’s called *balance* okay?
Fried Chicken Sandwich + House Salad 🤌🏼
O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful
Evenings are dropping below 60 and the sun is fading just a bit sooner… BOOzy season is upon us and we have the fall cocktails to hit the spot.

📸: Far From the Tree
• apple liqueur
• lemon
• amaro falso
O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful is in Tennessee.
Franklin, Tennessee
𝐑𝐲𝐞 𝐖𝐨𝐥𝐟

• Rittenhouse Rye
• Amaretto
• Balck Walnut
• Lemon
• Egg white
• 🤌🏼

Thank you Tyler 🙏🏼
O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful is in Tennessee.
Franklin, Tennessee
Updated menu with fall seasonals running September- November. 🥃🍁
O' Be Joyful
O' Be Joyful is in Tennessee.
Franklin, Tennessee
More than a month ago we asked our amazing team of reps to bring us thoughtful fall spirits, liqueurs, & beer - nothing too dark and heavy. We may be ready for fall in our hearts but it’s still toasty out there!
The new OBJ Fall menu has our team incredibly excited. We worked with new products and pushed past the expected.
We can’t wait to launch this Wednesday, Sept. 6th!

Come enjoy our hard work and inspirations. 🥃



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plural -s
:Vintage slang, from the American Civil War: intoxicating drink, a home-made brew.

O-be-joyful began reaffirming the positive properties of intoxicants about two hundred years ago, and although the word is not in considerable use today, a book from 1977 asserted that an abbreviated form of the phrase was still in common use in some areas, and that “some New Englanders even today write ‘OBJ’ on their shopping lists.” – Merriam-Webster

O’ Be Joyful is about you, your friends and family, and the belief that the gathering of individuals for the enjoyment of life makes this world a better place. Mixing old Southern values with a fresh contemporary vibe, OBJs Kitchen & Cocktails marries the perfect combination of service and flavor. Whether you desire an intimate lunch with an old friend or catching the game with the guys, OBJ will create your perfect experience.

“Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.” ~W.C. Fields

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